If you took this fall as an opportunity to freshen up your landscaping, you may have panicked in mid-October when temperatures briefly dipped below freezing. Rest assured that the roots of your plants weren’t affected by a few days of unseasonably chilly weather. Even with wilted leaves and less vibrant colors, your plants are still healthy and thriving.

That brief cold snap serves as a reminder that it’s now time to prep your plants for when the cold weather is here to stay. There are a few steps you should take now to ensure a bountiful color explosion in spring.

Do a Thorough Fall Clean-Up

Cleaning up leaf debris from falling trees, cutting back perennials, and pruning shrubs should be part of your winter landscaping prep. Check out our blog on the benefits of getting your yard and landscaping beds settled in for winter.

Add Mulch

While a full yard of fresh mulch is a sign of spring, plants will benefit from a little extra mulch insulation during the winter. A two-inch layer of mulch can help control erosion, seal in moisture, and keep soil warmer. A few bags concentrated around the roots of new plantings are sufficient.

Protect Your Outdoor Kitchen

Although you can use your outdoor kitchen year-round, covering your grill and any specialty outdoor kitchen pieces is a good idea during winter. This is also a great time to clean and de-grease your grill.

Put Away What You Can

We recommend storing your outdoor cushions and accessories away from the elements. Cushions, accessories, and empty planters will stay in good shape if they’re shielded from snow, ice, and winter wind.

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