As outdoor living professionals, we have expertise in building the most sustainable and customizable outdoor spaces. Our clients are making a significant investment in an outdoor kitchen and entertaining space, so we strive to design functional and beautiful space for entertaining and cooking year-round. Useful spaces include grill islands, outdoor kitchens, outdoor bars, and brick ovens, just to mention a few. Built-in grill islands can and should be used throughout the hot summers and cold winters here in Nebraska. When the space is designed with function and style, it will enhance the way you live at home.

Complete Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have evolved far beyond the gas grill (still a great staple), allowing you to cook like a pro year-round. Here are a few items we consider must-have’s, courtesy of our suppliers at Bull BBQ:

  • Angus Grill: An outdoor kitchen isn’t truly an outdoor kitchen without the basics. A quality gas grill like the Angus is a great start. It comes with an infrared burner for rotisserie, 4 burners, well-built components. It includes a lifetime warranty on the firebox, cooking grates, and premium stainless steel cast bar burners.
  • Door/Drawer Combo: A fully enclosed component with both doors and drawers allows you to store your grill accessories and cleaning supplies away from the elements, while also keeping your space tidy.
  • Outdoor Refrigerator: Keeping raw ingredients and beverages cold and nearby until cooking time is the ultimate convenience when you have a stainless steel outdoor-rated refrigerator. These are built to stand up to the elements year-round, so no need to worry about the cold winters and hot summers.
  • Built-In Ice Chest: Ditch the ugly, bulky, heavy cooler and store your beverages in a sleek stainless steel ice chest built directly into your countertop. The built-in drain makes maintenance a breeze.

Outdoor grill and seating

Once you have the basics, consider some fun additions to really make the space your own. A few that we think have great potential include:

  • Commercial Style Griddle: Griddle-style outdoor cooking is really gaining “steam.” Constructed of stainless steel, this unit is designed to fit comfortably in most outdoor kitchens.
  • Trash Drawer: This hidden drawer will keep you from having to haul your trash indoors or having trash blow away outdoors.
  • Keg Refrigerator and Tap: Make your outdoor bar complete with a built-in tap and keg-o-rater. Get the double tap if you like having options. This add-on makes a fun and functional addition to your outdoor living space.
  • Grill Covers: Designed to keep your stainless steel looking new and fresh year-round, these covers are a great way to protect your investment.
  • Woodfire, Brick, or Pizza Oven: A specialty oven brings a definite “wow” factor to your outdoor kitchen. Your house will be the neighborhood hot spot when you add a woodfire, brick, or pizza oven to your space.

Outdoor kitchen back yard

No matter what time of year or type of weather you’re facing, a fully equipped outdoor cooking space can add incredible value to your home. If you’re considering your own outdoor kitchen, our landscape designers are available year-round for design consultations. Contact us to schedule yours today.

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