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Outdoor Fireplace Installation Service in Omaha, Elkhorn, Papillion & Surrounding Areas in Nebraska

We can construct your outdoor fireplace using a kit build or a custom design from scratch.

If you want to enjoy a private, modern fireside experience, you've come to the right place! At Clear Creek Landscapes, we can construct an outdoor fireplace for your property using a kit build or a custom design from scratch. Our team can even help you choose materials as durable as they are beautiful to flatter your aesthetic preferences and create your dream outdoor fireplace! We also offer natural gas, propane, and wood-burning options, depending on your preferences.

We offer our outdoor fireplace installation service to residential and commercial properties, plus HOAs, in Omaha, NE, and other nearby areas, including Elkhorn and Papillion.

We Offer Custom & Kit Outdoor Fireplaces

Stone outdoor fireplace installed for back patio in Omaha, NE.

We want to install the outdoor fireplace of your dreams, and we can create a custom design from scratch to do just that. This option allows you to bring your ideas to fruition, from the structure you want to its overall style, giving you creative freedom from start to finish. However, we also offer kit outdoor fireplaces, which are great if you don't have a specific design in mind and want to use a pre-built structure and frame to get started. Then, you can customize it into one that suits your aesthetic preferences so that it's a unique addition to your outdoor living space.

Our team can help you choose the materials for your outdoor fireplace.

Choosing the materials you want to use for your outdoor fireplace is an exciting feat, and we offer a vast array of stylish options that'll elevate its look. However, our materials are also highly durable, as they can withstand wear and tear and heat from the fire. Blocks are common to use because they are equally sturdy and beautiful, though our team can help you pick which best suits your outdoor fireplace!

Our Outdoor Fireplaces Can Be Natural Gas, Propane, or Wood-Burning

Wood burning fireplace installed in Omaha, NE.

Your outdoor fireplace should meet your functional needs as much as your aesthetic ones. Because of this, we offer natural gas, propane, and wood-burning options! While you can't go wrong with any of them, it depends on your preferences and the ambiance you want to create with your new fire feature. Here are a few differences to consider between these fuel options:

  • Natural gas-burning outdoor fireplaces are low-maintenance, require little to no cleanup, and provide a more modern fireside experience. You can turn them on and off with a switch, plus enjoy a flame that can burn as long as you please since they connect to your property's gas line.
  • Propane-burning outdoor fireplaces are another great, low-maintenance option, where you can turn them on and off with a switch. However, propane won't last forever, so you'll need to switch them out once they're empty of fuel.
  • Wood-burning fireplaces create an outdoorsy ambiance and a more campfire-like experience. You can enjoy the aroma and sound of burning wood, plus cook snacks over the flame, like s'mores. However, they require more maintenance, cleanup, and manual lighting, which can take some time.

We offer a 1-year warranty on all our hardscape installation services, including outdoor fireplaces!

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An outdoor fireplace is just what you need to create more privacy while enjoying chilly evenings by the fire, and our team at Clear Creek Landscapes is ready to help you achieve that! We've been in business for 17 years, and we have all the necessary training and experience to design and install the outdoor fireplace that suits your aesthetic tastes and functional preferences.

We offer our outdoor fireplace installation service to homes, businesses, and HOAs in Omaha, Elkhorn, Papillion, NE, and other surrounding areas. Call us at (402) 677-7652 to schedule today!