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Water Features

The calming sound of flowing water can transform any space into a personal oasis, adding a dimension to your outdoor environment unlike any other. At Clear Creek, we are well versed in a wide variety of water features, from subtle streams and ponds to the signature waterfall and completely custom designs. Our landscape designers can help craft your happy place.

Pondless Water Features

Lovely, Low Maintenance and Soothing Sound

Like the name implies, pondless water features do not have an exposed basin of water or visible pond, but still provide the soothing sound and visual appeal of flowing water. The basin is created below grade, and all structural components are hidden, providing a lovely, low-maintenance water feature solution.

water feature - pondless water features
water feature - pond water features - waterfall


The Very Definition of Tranquility

Nothing quite compares to the natural beauty of a well designed pond and the way it can transform a space. A pond is a striking water feature all on its own, but it can also be accentuated further by pairing it with other water features like a stream or waterfall to add the comforting sound of flowing water and the fun of fish.


Flowing Water as Nature Intended

There is nothing more natural than the sound of babbling brooks, flowing down slopes, through creek beds, across stones or gracefully spilling into a pond. A well designed stream can blur the line between man made spaces and naturally occurring water elements. Streams can also be paired with waterfalls to dramatic effect, for both ponds and pondless solutions.

Good for:

  • Pond and Pondless landscape designs
water feature - pondless water features - streams
Landscape water feature in Omaha, Ne


A Signature Water Feature in Any Space

Waterfalls create the most sound and cover the most area. Streams, shear-falls, crashing falls over boulders, ponds or pondless, the most impressive water features.

Good for:

  • Pond and Pondless landscape designs

Rock Bubbler

Subtle and Serene

Rock bubblers are simple, versatile water features that can be incorporated into almost any design to invite the sound and beauty of flowing water to your outdoor space – especially flat spaces where a waterfall might not be practical. Ask us how we can add this feature to your project and tailor it to match your own unique style.

Good for:

  • Pond and Pondless landscape designs
water features - rock bubbler
water features - custom water effects

Custom Water Effects

Get the Imagination Flowing

With water features, the only limit is our imagination. Let us help you design a custom water feature perfectly tailored to your space and tastes. In the past we’ve created fire pits with water effects built into them, waterfalls flowing through retaining walls, pots that pour an unending stream of water, rock bubblers built into paver patios – the possibilities are endless! At Clear Creek we have pushed the limits of what is possible many times and embrace the challenge.

Come dream with us – we can create a custom water feature that will fit into your design and create a space unlike any other.

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