Retaining Walls & Seating Walls

Retaining walls are an integral part of many landscape designs. At Clear Creek, we take pride in the custom retaining walls and seating walls we build for our customers, installing quality products per the manufacturer's engineering specifications.

Block Retaining Walls

Form & Function

Retaining walls are often installed out of necessity, and we make the experience of designing and installing your wall as great as the end result. Clear Creek has NCMA Certified installers, ensuring our walls will be well built and can last a lifetime. Too often, walls are built by contractors or homeowners without the expertise to address common causes of wall failure, or the know-how to construct a wall that only needs to be built once.

Ask us about the different styles of decorative block options available. Whether you prefer a modern, rustic or traditional look, we can design something to suit your personal tastes.

Patio Seating Walls

More Function and Less Clutter

Patio seating walls can expand the number of people you can comfortably entertain in your outdoor space while avoiding the clutter and expense of more furniture. Patio seating walls not only serve as additional seating, but can define spaces on a patio and provide a ledge for setting plates, cups, decorations and more.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls (Linear)

Modern Lines & Natural Beautiful

Natural stone slabs can give your retaining wall an elegant, modern-rustic look by using a linear or modular style of stone. One of our favorite stones for this type of retaining wall is limestone. Limestone is strong, durable and has a unique look that is both natural and linear due to the way it is quarried.


  • Limestone, Drystack, Cut Limestone, Moss rock slabs

Natural Stone Boulders (Irregular)

The Beauty and Splendor of Nature

Bring the natural beauty of the great outdoors into your own backyard. Glacial and fieldstone boulders are popular options for achieving a natural, rustic appearance for your retaining walls and your overall outdoor space. Our customers often remark to us how reasonably priced these stones are when we design their softscapes and hardscapes with this natural look.


  • Glacial and Fieldstone Boulders, Limestone, Moss Rock, Drystack

Recent Projects

Check out some of our recent retaining wall projects. (click to enlarge)

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What our customers are saying

I can't say enough good things about the work Clear Creek Landscaping did to tear out our old, beat-up patio and retaining wall and replace it with something we absolutely love. From the get-go, Luke truly listened to what we were looking for. He incorporated our many changes patiently. And his team worked professionally, efficiently, and with utmost skill to bring our vision to life... We highly recommend them!
- Trisha H., Omaha NE

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