Paver patio and retaining walls

Paver Patios

We are your Omaha paver patio experts. A well-designed paver patio is built for enjoyment, invites you outside and, makes your home feel like a staycation. The patio is the foundation of your outdoor living experience. We help your dream patio become a reality.

Modern Style Pavers – Large Format

Distinctive and Dramatic

The bigger the better… right?? Large pavers scale perfectly into large patios, addressing the clutter that smaller pavers and lines might cause, and preserving the beauty these pavers bring. Large format pavers are in such demand and popularity, Clear Creek invests in specialized equipment specifically for this style of paver.

Sizes: 12”x12” – 12”x48”
Materials: Concrete (or) outdoor–rated porcelain tile

paver patio modern large format

Medium Random Pattern Pavers

For Every Patio, a Perfect Paver

Medium sized pavers are available in a variety of styles to appeal to any taste. Whether you prefer the rustic look, a modern vibe, the natural feel of an irregular shape or something more traditional – there’s a perfect paver for your patio. These pavers are also available in an assortment of textures, like Tumbled, Traditional or Stone textured.

Sizes: 8” – 14”
Perfect for: 500 sq/ft – 1,000 sq/ft patios

Small Random Pattern Pavers

Textures and Styles for Every Taste

These small pavers are incredibly versatile and come in an assortment of shapes, styles and sizes. Their non-uniform shape delivers a truly unique look for any patio, and even the finish can be tailored to match what you’re looking for – whether you prefer smooth, textured, tumbled or natural stone.

paver patio random pattern small format
paver patio irregular shape natural stone

Irregular Shape Pavers and Natural Stone

Shapes and Styles as Nature Intended

Nothing captures that feeling of nature and the organic, rustic aesthetic like irregular pavers and natural stone patios. Irregular shaped pavers are perfect for those who enjoy the feel of natural stone, the wide variety of styles available and their lasting durability.

Of course, if you prefer natural stone that offers a truly distinctive look and feel for your perfect outdoor space, we’ve got your covered. Natural stone is available in a vast assortment of shapes sizes and colors to compliment your design. Natural stone works great for paths as well.

Combination of Pavers

Sometimes the Answer is Somewhere In-Between

Combining the distinctive look and feel of different pavers can create a truly tailor-made space, bringing the best of everything to your backyard. For example, one popular approach is to combine rustic and modern pavers to blend the signature clean lines of large format modern pavers with the natural, organic edges of irregular pavers to achieve an entirely new rustic-modern look.

paver patio combination
paver patio irregular shape natural stone

Paver Driveways

Distinctive & Durable

The annual weather cycle of freeze and thaw takes a heavy toll on conventional poured concrete driveways, resulting in heaving, cracking, flaking and sinking slabs.

Paver driveways are a desirable alternative to poured concrete, constructed with an emphasis on the subgrade structure and utilizing durable, engineered pavers designed to withstand high pressure, heavy weight and everything else that Mother Nature (or your family) can throw at it.

Patio Sealing Services

Protect Your Investment

Paver patios are very low maintenance, but a little extra protection can help preserve their appearance, prevent staining and sun-fading, enhance color and protect the surface for the long haul.

We offer a Cleaning and Sealing service for paver patios, walkways and pool decks to protect the surface and enhance the color for years at a time.

paver patio combination

Recent Projects

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