Landscaping Style Spotlight: Specialty Styles 

So far in our landscaping style spotlight series, we’ve covered some of the most popular landscaping styles: rustic, modern, traditional, and natural. While all are easily adaptable to our Nebraska climate, there are a few off-the-beaten-path styles that are worth mentioning, too.  

Although less common and difficult to fully emulate because of our climate zone (5b), there are ways to incorporate elements of the following designs into your outdoor living space. 

Specialty Landscaping Style: Japanese

The minimalist beauty of Asian culture is often sought after for its calming aesthetic. Well-suited for a modern home design, there are a multitude of ways to give a nod to Japanese garden design. 

How we achieve it 

  • Plant Japanese maples, which are believed to signify blessings, peace, beauty, and survival  
  • Landscape with rich green Hosta, bamboo, and ornamental cherry trees 
  • Add a modern, minimalist water feature 
Japanese maple tree

Specialty Landscaping Style: Tropical

If some of your fondest memories include time spent on the beach, you can bring that aesthetic to your own backyard landscaping (and make every day feel a bit more like a vacation).  

How we achieve it: 

  • Incorporate tropical plants, such as birds of paradise, cannas, and hibiscus 
  • Build a pergola shade structure in teak 
  • Accessorize a covered patio with breezy linens and brightly colored pots 
tropical backyard landscape design

Specialty Landscaping Style: Xeriscape

Xeriscape, which means dry landscaping, is considered environmentally friendly because it uses plants that require less water. True xeriscape landscaping design can be found in desert climates, but certain elements can be applied here. 

How we achieve it: 

  • Plant drought-tolerant trees, shrubs, and perennials that don’t require extra watering 
  • Create large landscaping beds that reduce the amount of grass in your yard 
  • Lean into desert-inspired design with the use of rock, succulents, and neutral colors 


Xeriscape, dry landscaping

Specialty Landscaping Style: English

Nebraska’s climate is amenable to many of the flowers that make English gardens so beautiful. However, keep in mind that roses, which can be fussy and high maintenance, are a hallmark of English design. This landscaping style may be more favorable for experienced gardeners who have the patience and knowledge to dedicate themselves to rose maintenance.  

How we achieve it: 

  • Plant boxwoods, and keep them neatly manicured 
  • Use a variety of roses in traditional colors 
  • Build a pond into your landscaping  
rose garden with paver path

If you’re ready to discuss your landscaping project, we are booking for spring. You can easily schedule an appointment online with one of our landscaping contractors or give us a call at 402-677-7652. We can’t wait to create beautiful spaces with you in 2023! 

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