Landscaping Care for the DIY’er

By now, you’ve probably noticed some green sprouting from your plant beds. Your trees have already started to bud, and you’ve likely started mowing the lawn. These signs that spring is here mean it’s time to do a little sprucing up throughout your yard.

Whether you have minimal work to do on your landscaping, or a more significant landscape clean-up on your hands, read on for tips and benefits of getting your landscaping ready for spring.

  • Clean up: Start by removing debris left behind by winter. Perhaps you need to cut back grasses or other perennials you didn’t get to in the fall. Starting with a clean palette will help you envision the next steps.
  • Assess what’s needed: Do you have any blank spaces to fill in? Did any plants die over the winter? Space planning before you start digging can help avoid mistakes, such as over- or under-buying plants.
  • Time to plant: Pay attention to where the sun shines in your outdoor space, and plant flowers or shrubs that will thrive based on their unique sun and shade needs.
  • Final touches: Add mulch, rock, or a combination of both, and clean up any edges that need definition.

Landscaping Beds

Don’t forget trees and shrubs: If you have existing trees, start by removing debris from the base of the tree, and check the tree and its leaves for overall health. Same goes for shrubs. Clean up any brush or leaves left behind by winter, check the shrubs for any health issues, and then add mulch around the base to maximize health and growth.

New trees and shrubs

If you’re planting new trees and shrubs, now is the time! For maximum health, plant early enough to allow the trees and shrubs to take root before the hot summer temperatures hit, or else you risk stressing the young plant and its root system, reducing the likelihood it will sustain the season.

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