Trees Take Root in Fall Planting Season

We’ve talked a lot on our blog and Facebook page about why fall is a great time for planting perennials and shrubs. While we’ve also mentioned trees, it’s worth devoting a bit more attention to this type of planting. With proper timing and care, trees can flourish when planted in the fall.

New trees and shrubs

Why Fall

Fall is typically our rainy season, and that natural rainwater is the perfect nourishment for new trees. Temperature-wise, the hottest days have passed, giving way to pleasant days and cool nights. This balance keeps your new tree’s delicate ecosystem from becoming overheated or stressed. All of these conditions combine to give new trees the best shot at becoming firmly established in the soil.

Choosing a Tree

We encourage you to do a bit of research before selecting a tree. Make sure you’re allotting the right amount of space, both in terms of tree spread (width) and height. In addition, make sure you aren’t planting a tree with a deep, complex root system too close to your home. Also, pay attention to the sunlight needs of your tree and the soil quality in the spot where you’re planting.

Watering Wise

New trees should be watered every other day for the first two weeks after planting. We recommend this slow-soak method: Turn on your hose about a quarter of the way, and let it drip for several minutes directly at the base of the tree. This allows the water to slowly penetrate the tree’s root system and keeps it from running off the surface. Following this watering method and frequency will give your new trees the best chance to thrive through fall and winter, providing you with healthy trees come springtime.

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