The days are getting shorter, the temperature is steadily dropping, and the urge to cozy up inside is strong. But before you settle in for the season, take the time to do a thorough fall clean-up of your outdoor spaces.

Here are a few reasons why a fall clean-up is important:

Leaves can ruin your lawn

If you deprive your yard of sunlight over the winter because you didn’t clean up your leaves, you risk dead spots in the spring. Lack of sunlight plus moisture trapped underneath a layer of leaves is a recipe for an unhealthy yard.

Leaves can harbor plant diseases and bugs

If dead leaves are left on your plants, they could form fungus. In addition, dead leaves harbor pests, and nobody wants to provide a hospitable environment for beetles and other critters looking for solace in the winter.

Delaying creates more work in the spring

Not cutting back some perennials and grasses in the fall means you’ll have twice as much work to do in the spring. Heavy, wet, decayed leaves are much harder to clean up than ones that haven’t been battered by cold weather and snow

Your shrubs will look better for spring

Not all shrubs benefit from pruning, but those that do will have a more natural, mature look in spring if you prune sooner rather than later.

After you finish your fall clean-up, you’ll have a clearer look at your outdoor space and be able to envision what projects you want to tackle next. If you’re looking for Omaha landscaping experts to bring that vision to life, we are happy to help. Book a consultation online today.

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