Landscaping Style Spotlight: Natural

Over the past few years, one of the buzziest terms in landscaping has been native, which comes from the idea of looking to our natural environment for design inspiration. When a client expresses their interest in adding native plants to their outdoor living space, the landscape design style we’re creating for them is typically known as natural 

Sometimes natural landscaping style can be confused with rustic, and the two certainly have their similarities. A good way to differentiate is to think of rustic = mountains, and native = prairies. If you channel those locations as your design inspiration, you’ll have a good idea of how the natural style could look in your outdoor living space. 

Shown here are a few hallmarks of that natural style.

Free-flowing Natural Landscaping Beds

Natural landscaping beds

To create a natural look in your landscaping, your landscape contractor should design beds that aren’t overly defined. Use a variety of materials, too. We incorporated both mulch and rock into this client’s landscaping beds to achieve a flowing yet cohesive result.  

Native Plants

native pollinator plants

The use of plants that are naturally found in our environment is one of the hallmarks of natural landscape design. To achieve the look, try incorporating textural grasses and colorful wildflowers. Our blog on adding pollinators to your landscaping is a good resource, too.  

Natural Water Features

Natural landscaping water feature

These aren’t your linear, structured bubble rocks or carefully crafted retaining wall fountains. The water features that correspond with the natural landscaping style are designed to look like you simply tapped into the beauty of the earth and found a flowing water source within it. 

Irregular Natural Landscaping Materials

Natural landscaping materials

If your landscaping makeover includes a retaining wall, look for materials with craggy edges, earthy colors, and flowing shapes. Nothing too structured or overdone, just thoughtful and intentional design.  

The natural landscaping style should mentally transport you to a serene place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Combining these elements will make you feel like your backyard is your own little slice of Nebraska, perfectly crafted to feel wild and free. 

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