Incorporating Native Plants and Pollinators Into Your Garden

Although landscaping is relatively timeless, some trends weave their way in and out of each season. One trend we see becoming more time-honored is sustainability. In honor of Earth Day, we’re taking a quick look at pollinators and their place in your landscape design.

Native plants, or ones that are indigenous to our region, are a huge trend in landscape design. Sticking with plants that are a natural part of our region provides myriad benefits, including:

  • Lower maintenance: While you still have to water, soil, and feed native plants properly, they are naturally inclined to do better in our environment, meaning they likely won’t need as much attention as other plants
  • Attracts pollinators: Pollination, essentially, is plant reproduction. A bee lands on a plant, takes that pollen to another flower, allowing it to produce fruit and seeds. A yard full of pollinator plants not only benefits the environment and bee population, it’s also fun to watch!
  • Ability to handle weather: Plants that are native to our region are biologically capable of handling cold winters, hot summers, and everything in between.
  • Produce beautiful flowers: The natural beauty of professionally designed landscape beds full of native plants gives timeless character to your outdoor space.

The Nebraska Statewide Arboretum is a great resource for all things native and pollinating in Nebraska. And, when you’re ready to get started with your own environmentally friendly landscaping, contact the landscape design team at Clear Creek. Beautiful outdoor spaces are our passion! You can easily set up an appointment via our online booking tool.

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