Small Trees, Big Impact

Considering a tree as part of your fall landscaping bed refresh? Size matters. While large species trees like evergreens, firs, and spruces have their place in the more spacious parts of your yard, small trees are the smarter choice if you’re trying to add height and texture to the landscaping beds closer to your home.

Hydrangea Tree

The big blooms of hydrangeas gain height in tree form, providing a beautiful accent in your garden. Available in a variety of colors, these fast-growing trees will add colorful texture to your landscape beds. A bonus: pollinators love hydrangea trees, making them an environmentally friendly choice.

Japanese Maple

This is a rich, colorful, and slow-growing tree, averaging a rate of 1-2′ of growth per year. Japanese Maples like some shade, so be mindful as you’re scouting the right place to plant.

Hinoki Cypress

If you’re looking to add a traditional green tree to your landscaping beds, the Hinoki Cypress is a favorite. Its branches droop slightly as they grow, providing visual interest throughout your beds. As with all trees, there are several size options within this species (some significantly larger than others), so be sure to choose the right variety for your space. The Slender Hinoki False Cypress is a great choice for any yard.

Tiger Eye Sumac

Some call it a shrub, some call it a tree – we call it a great addition to any landscaping bed. Its bright green leaves stand out among traditional green tree varieties and add a feathery texture to your landscape beds. They tend to spread, so plant them in a spot that allows for plenty of room to grow.

Fastigiata Spruce

Get the traditional look of a spruce at just a fraction of the size with this compact tree. Its tight shape keeps it from spreading more than 3’ wide, and it will top out around 15’ high. Bonus: if it gets too large for your landscaping, it’s resilient enough to withstand a good amount of shearing and pruning.

There are a few good weeks left to plant trees, shrubs, and perennials this fall. Enjoy the beautiful weather we’re having and take advantage of it!

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