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Retaining Walls

Beautiful, Practical Retaining Walls in Omaha, NE

Retaining Walls in Omaha are Clear Creek Landscapes specialty.  Our Omaha retaing walls consist of natural stone and decorative concrete block add new levels and beautiful materials to landscaping, as well as prevent erosion and runoff issues. Retaining walls are a popular feature for both commercial and residential properties to add beauty, dimension, and function. Clear Creek Landscapes designs and installs Omaha retaining walls in a variety materials and styles to complement any landscaping design.

Retaining walls are easy-to-build and fun to design because the huge variety of new styles of material that are available. We offer a wide selection of retaining wall stones to select from, so our team of Omaha landscapers can work with you to design the perfect wall for your home. Old or poorly constructed walls eventually begin to lean, fall, or separate from the landscape. Whether you need to replace an existing wall or are looking to build something entirely new, we have the solutions. Luke and Gabe are NCMA Certified in building retaining walls as well as most of the installation crew.

We build Boulder Walls, Limestone Walls and other Natural Stone materials, Concrete Block Walls (Anchor, Rosetta, and/or Versa Lok to name a few), Tie Walls, Pre-Cast Stone Walls…  We have the equipment to get it done and do it right.  Feel free to visit for additional resources about how we build retaining walls that last for a longtime.

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