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Omaha Paver Patios, Flagstone Patios, Decorative Patios & More!

Clear Creek Landscaping builds beautiful, lasting paver patios for home throughout the Omaha community. 

We design and install all types of patios, however our landscaping experts highly recommend paver patios for outdoor patios, driveways, walkways, and pool decks. Paver patios hold up over time, they don't fade like colored concrete, and best of all, they don't crack!  We actually guarantee our paver patios against shifting and settling.  That is not something ANY concrete patio install can say!

Omaha Walkways, Paths, Pool Decks & Hardscapes

Paver patios create the basis for some of the most popular landscape additions, such as stone walkways, pool decks, paths and other hardscape additions. The wide selection of beautiful stones makes the design process fun and easily customizable for any outdoor decor. For gardeners, children, or anyone who likes to spend time in their yard, walkways and paths are a logical addition to make outdoor spaces more easily navigable. 

Here are a few pictures of some small patios.  Please see our Gallery and Facebook page for a larger selection of photos to look through for inspiration.




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