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Landscape Design Packages

Landscape Design Packages – 3D Computer Design helps you visualize your project.

Clear Creek Landscapes offers multiple levels of design work Omaha landscaping to fit your needs as a homeowner.  We have found that a well planned design with common expectations between installer and homeowner is vital to a successful project.  Feel free to browse through our Omaha landscaping design packages and contact us about available meetings to review your plan. 

Typically, a simple hand drawn plan is included with an estimate.  Many times these drawings are not to scale, but do provide an idea or concept as to what the work scope will be.  We have found that by taking the extra step to provide a more detailed and understandable plan makes the process much easier to prepare for and gives the homeowner a better understanding of what to expect.  The estimates that come with the detailed plans are much more accurate and reduce the amount of change orders due to inaccurate estimates.

The design/estimate process starts with an onsite visit where we listen to your ideas of what you would like to see accomplished with the space.  We will spend the time to make sure we understand your vision and provide professional input about your ideas and possibly introduce new ideas that are available.  Many times our design is based off a hybrid of your wants and our deisgn vision.  We will then head back to the shop and create a design.  There are several design packages for you to select from from $0 up.  Some designs take more time to complete than others, however most designs are completed in a couple days up to a couple weeks depending on the complexity.

We then will contact you to review the design and make any adjustments as needed.  Of course we will provide an estimate and a timetable for us to complete the work.  Typically once a project is given the go ahead there is a form to sign and deposit, then we are ready to start the project.  Most projects start in 3-5 weeks depending on the time of year, material availability and complexity of the design.  Adjustments to the design can be made anytime before and during the build process.  Our crews are very good at making adjustments and moving forward.

Thank you for your interest in our Design process and feel free to look around at design photo’s on the Gallery Page.

An update to this page will be coming soon explaining the different design options to select from.

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