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Spring Expectations

To say that Nebraska weather is unpredictable is an understatement.  We all have learned to deal with day-to-day changes and live on.  Now if we could only get our landscape beds to learn... Plants can be fooled this time of year because the ground temp gets warm enough to start growing, however the air temps over night and sudden changes can cause it to suffer.  Flowering trees look great this time of year... until the wind blows.  Bulbs, lilies, hosta, grasses, and many shrubs are getting going.  Keep in mind that different plant varieties grow and come out of dormancy at different rates.  Some plants show their growth later in the spring and almost into the summer so don't give up on them too soon and think that didn't make it.  Get online to learn what to expect for specific plants.  Try HGTV Gardens website as a resource for learning more about your specific plants or call one of our landscape professionals to assist you.

Remember that it isn't safe to plant most perennials and grasses until after the first frost free day!  New plantings needs a strong root system to survive the Nebraska weather.

Effective Spring 5 Prep Things you can do before May:

  1. Cut back the dead - Grasses, perennial vegetation from last year, some shrubs (look online to get specific shrub info to cut back. Not all shrubs can be trimmed now)
  2. Clean up the bed edging - Natural cut edges are the most preffered and selected edging style.  Every 3-5 years you may need to clean out the decomposed mulch and re-cut the edge.
  3. Add mulch - Desired thickness after mulching is 3"-4" to get best prevention of weeds and moisture control of plants/soils around plants.
  4. Add Pre-Emergence to the landscape beds to control any weeds that havn't germinated.  There are many brands available like "Preen".
  5. Plan for new plants - You should always plan your plantings so you don't end up with the "Hodge-Podge" look of random plants growning without rhyme or reason.  Too often I see people buy plants based off the tag at the store and grab a few things here and there.  You can still buy plants in phases, just have a master plan first and buy based off the master plan so when you are finished, everyhting looks good and right and you aren't paying to fix it later.
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