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Curb Appeal Pays Off

American Association of Landscape Architects released a study about the effect of a good landscape in relation to your property value.  There are many interpretations about what kind of value landscape work brings to your home and at what point in your spending will you spend more than what you will get back out of the home's re-sale.  Hopefully this article will help point you in the right direction.

Take away's:
Professionally landscaped (not all landscape contractors are professionals) homes can get 15%-20% more that homes with less attractive landscapes
Landscaping isn't only restricted to perennials, shrubs, trees and mulch.  It can include patios, decks, fountains and more
Invest 10%-20% of your home's value and know that your can get 100%-200% of the cost when sold (This can be one of the best imporvments you make to your home in regards to value!!!)

Ideas to consider:
Use trees and vegetation to provide shade for your home and outdoor living space
Replace old and broken concrete with pavers for beauty and longevity
Use native and lower maintenance plants that anyone can step into and take care of
Green space like the lawn is very valuable so use landscape beds and patio space to highlight the usable area.

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