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Beautiful Space Designed around Thoughtful Function

This is a great article from about patio sizes needed based on how you will actually use your space.  It is important to have a beautifully designed patio but more important that you design it in a way that it can be enjoyed and used.  Great questions to start with... Where will you relax?  Where will you eat with family?  Where will you entertain?  Will you spend time outside in middle of day?  How about at night?  Do you feel the need to create privacy for a more intimate space where you can be cozy?  Do you want to have a space that invites others over and want to spend time on the patio?  Do you want to use the patio in all temps and seasons?  Is the sound water important to you?  What style do you tend to enjoy the most?

Lots of great questoins that help move towards a great patio that will be enjoyed for a long time.  Here are the sizes recommended for specific spaces you will need in your patio.

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